“His.Story.Now.” is the play that entertains, enlightens, edifies, and empowers.

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His.Story.Now. is a play written, produced, and directed by Kathy C. Patterson.

“Purpose is wrapped in who you are. No one else can do what God put you here to do. You are unique. You are special. You are original. Chase your purpose by just embracing who you are. You have everything you need to pursue your purpose. Believe that! Walk in that! Be Blessed!”

-Ahna Patterson

“By utilizing performing arts, the mission of “HIS.STORY. NOW.” is to lovingly encourage, embrace, and promote healing of those who have faced or are currently facing family issues.”

-Kathy C. Patterson

The Play

The play has overtones that carry strong themes of empowerment throughout

With our notes on the play, we examine the concept in detail to discuss how you can bring such empowerment into your life through a sense of healing with the aim of helping you to live your best life.

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